Topics for the preparation of an applicant on the Agribusiness Culture exam

1. Territorial structure of farming in Bulgaria

2.Administrative-economic division of Bulgaria

3. Bulgaria and the European Union

4. Single currency market

5. Contemporary business climate in Bulgaria

6.Future of business projects in Bulgaria

7. Tertiary economic sector - transport and communications

8. . Foreign and domestic trade

9. . Development of agriculture in Bulgaria

10. Characteristics of the agricultural sector

11. Factors determining the development of agriculture

12. Importance of agriculture for the economy of the country

13. Agricultural reform

Basic agricultural sub-sectors

15. Climatic characteristics of Bulgaria

16. Number and movement of the population in Bulgaria

17. Structure of the population in Bulgaria

18. Settlements in Bulgaria

19. Urbanization

20. Bulgaria and the world

Recommended reference:

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Previous editions of Geography textbooks for X grade may also be used.